Well Look Here…We Found Ourselves A Fashionable Jewel on Wheels. Can You Say Mobile Sample Sale?

It’s time to sing the praises of the retail angels!  We have a new darling among us and it’s on four large wheels.  There I was in Studio City on Saturday afternoon, driving down Ventura Boulevard minding my business, when I saw it:   the most clever and exciting idea to hit Los Angeles in a long time.

William B + Friends Mobile Fashion Outlet

This is not only a fashionably clever idea but they have single-handedly changed the game of the “Sample Sale” experience. Owners Linda and Nick Deleo have created an interior experience you would not expect from a boutique on wheels.  Serving great attention to detail from the scent and lighting to the layout, you’ll certainly forget you are in an RV.   Most impressively, not only do they carry their namesake brand, they have partnered with favorites like Paper Denim & Cloth, Rock & Republic and Sigerson Morrison.  If that is not enough to tickle your retail fancy, take note that mostly everything is under $150!

The William B + Friends mobile outlet may be making stops at a street, event, office or studio lot near you. So Honeys, upon seeing the truck, please drive responsibly… it’s easy to forget traffic laws when you see this gorgeous big yellow outlet on wheels!

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2 comments on “Well Look Here…We Found Ourselves A Fashionable Jewel on Wheels. Can You Say Mobile Sample Sale?

  1. I am so happy to see your post!! Just lst wk in Woodland Hills the Yellow Jewel aka WilliamB mobile trunk was in Taft HS parking lot w/ a few other popular Food trucks. The Foodies have their jewels to follow. Now we Fashionista have ours!! Let’s hope other designers/retail follow this trend. Thanks,Steph for the posting this on Trendspotterluxe..u keep us in the know;)

    Demetria Bragg

  2. Great post today – appreciate the tip – I am following the big yellow RV on twitter & FB now! (thanks to you & your trendspotting eye!) ;)

    Julie Hayes

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