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A New Year brings new trends, hot new buys, new classic pieces and simply a new way to unleash your inner beauty. TRIBAL and MIXED PRINTS aesthetically lyrical, gives us a glimpse of the inner workings of the creative mind at work.


This year brings a creative maturity in collections with more skilled pieces and less avant-garde designs we can actually wear from the runway. LEATHER offering straight and narrow cuts and textures, while BRIGHTS and METALLICS gives us a chicer look so hot that I’ve coined two terms for it, glamour grunge or rock n roll chic; a mixture of hard and soft, cool and provocative, feisty and fun.

For the strategic dresser, being a lady is more important than ever these days and what a better way to express our femininity, than with LONG LENGTH SKIRTS that’s elongating and flattering. And a elegant wardrobe staple piece, the TWEED jacket; the purist approach to channel your inner lady, don’t you think?

And who knew that DENIM would forever become a staple in our wardrobe; Iceberg and YSL gives us flirty and blissful ways to sport this fabric in a casually chic way.

While RETRO looks offer a sexy take on discovering a brand new twist on classic silhouettes, we look for a renewed enthusiasm in our wardrobe by making ROSE GOLD a favorite within our accessory rotation.

Let’s do it together and bring our wardrobe up to date with these featured key pieces and make a statement our wardrobe can’t afford to miss.



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