Thou Shalt Covet! The crème de la crème of shoes and handbags for Autumn.

I remember that my first introduction to fashion and its finer elements came early in life, influenced by my grandmother and late grandfather. Following the fashion rules of their time, my grandmother never left the house without wearing high heels with a matching handbag and my grandfather’s belief was one must always leave the house looking, shall I say, “shaaarp.” I recall at the age of six years old, I possessed a sense of style far beyond my age.  Sadly for me, as I became a lady of the ages, my lack luster budget did not match my desire for the finer things I longed for to “keep up with the fashion Joneses’.

Alas, a true style connoisseur, would not allow herself to be left in the dust! I simply channeled inspiration from my fashion muses and worked my style around a working class budget; while of course keeping up with the fashion Joneses’ through window shopping and finding the perfect sale.  So whether you’re balling out of control on your private jet or strap hanging with the rest of us, you no doubt remember that traditional fashion “rule,” that your shoes must always match your handbags.  In honor of “tradition” let us revisit classic style paired with an eclectic mix of glamour and edginess for Autumn 2010/2011.

Enjoy my honeys!

Fashionably Yours,


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